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Continuing Education for the Lash Professional –  The Lash Life is                           Home of the Be An Amazing Lash Artist Project & the Lash Mastery Group. This is also now home of our newest Continuing Education offering Volume Mastery Online 2.0

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If you are a Professional Lash Artist seeking Advanced Skills, Concepts and Continuing Education – please consider joining our professional membership community. Only active members in good standing will be allowed access to the site’s features or any member products or events.

Volume Mastery Online 2.0 is changing the way Lash Professionals are accessing Volume Lash Technique Education. Let’s face it – only busy, booked, gifted practioners are ready for Volume Lashing – it makes sense to offer high definition, multi-media training that you can access any time, online! Completely self-paced study modules that embrace accountability exercises and regularly scheduled LIVE events will keep you highly motivated to earn your Certificate of Distinction.

“There is no need to travel to an advanced skills class or to schedule out important appointments or personal commitments to get to class – not with these video modules! The class comes to YOU! Every student – whether new to Volume Techniques or having enjoyed other Volume Courses agrees – the level of engagement and attention to detail is what makes this course worth its weight in gold!”

The BAALA Project is an online professional membership association providing continuing education, and exclusive features and benefits- a completely self paced, learning platform and resource center. This is not a Basic Applications course – the BAALA Project is for accomplished Lash Artists that want to expand their understanding of the concepts, tools and techniques used by the profession.

“My basic lash training covered NONE of this! Thank you for helping me understand exactly what we are DOING as  Lash Specialists. I’ve learned more in the last couple of weeks than in all my time [in the] classes I’ve taken for eyelash extensions.”

“The email yesterday was great! Every email, video, or chat I learn something! Thanks Lash FX!”

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