Balancing Risks & Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Hot off the Press!!! Balancing the Risks & Benefits of Eyelash Enhancement


The four articles above were all generated from the same press release/article, so in effect, the same article distributed at three different platforms. But this is 80% (!) of yesterday’s web and newswire results for “eyelash extensions”.

While every one of the recent articles (that I have read at least) do stress somewhere in the text that *done properly* you can avoid these damaging examples, they all seem to rely on the “fear first” mentality. Leading with a provocative (or scary) idea, they do eventually get to the meat of a situation; the realistic, useful info.

For the above articles, I personally and professionally LOVE that a doctor of high regard and accomplishment is credited and directly quoted for information about traction alopecia and other terms that do apply directly to eyelash extension wear.

The best take away? (And, yes, it’s a TWEETABLE!)

“Be aware that beauty enhancing procedures have risks AND benefits and should not be treated as a commodity.”


If you are an ALPHA LASHER – a Professional Eyelash Extension Speci

alist who is equally concerned about client safety as well as great results (and your professional reputation), please educate your clients. Empower them with real information about both the risks and the benefits of Eyelash Enhancement Services. Only then, articles like this will not invoke fear, but rather stand as a confirmation that they indeed chose the right professional. They will read, and nod their heads thinking, “That’s exactly what my Lash Person said. I’m so glad I chose him/her!”

The recent cropping of warning articles about Eyelash extensions is a clear sign that our industry (10 years old now!) stands not as a passing fad, but a strong niche of the larger (colossal!) beauty services industry. We are no longer a passing interest, but a force with a very strong foothold in the consumer’s choices for “bigger, better, beautiful” features. It’s very true: “Lashes are the new Boobs!”

The floor of the Las Vegas IECSC this last weekend proves it. In the last three years, the presence of Lash Service products represented at the trade show has tripled! That means more curious crowds of spa professionals gathering around the demos (along with their girlfriends who gained access to the show with them!). More cluster lash demos, touting “30 minute volume sets”, more semi-permanent mascara versions than ever, and the list goes on! Be part of the Alpha Crowd – an early adopter and an advanced technician, and watch yourself survive the storm of “buyers beware” press that is sure to affect our Lash Lives. The onslaught of press – both good and bad – is a sign of the times – it’s a Lash Boon or windfall of a blessing if you are the expert your clients need you to be! Steel yourself with knowledge and innovation. Fortify your reputation with best practices and set your bar for standards and excellence ever higher!

Celtic Art Therapy for Lash Artists

Click here to see the Celtic Art Therapy Vine Video from LashFX

Tracing the winding, playful path of the Celtic Knot is a meditative, relaxing activity to be sure! My first introduction to the art was at the Renaissance Festival in Arizona – an annual event that we never miss! Two festivals ago, I purchased two different and very beautiful “relaxation plates” from Anne Ravensdaughter ( She creates beautiful Celtic Knot Art. My daughter immediately chose the Celtic Wolf and I was instantly drawn toward the soothing Blue Celtic Cross.

by Ravensdaughter Designs

by Ravensdaughter Designs

Most recently, I rediscovered  this meditative, neurologically ‘toning’ activity. While relaxing and enjoying the benefits, I began to see improvement with my depth perception.

“Lash Artists must have acute depth perception awareness. Its as important as proper lighting or magnification!


Stereoscopic Vision (or “depth perception”) is a skill set that can be strengthened. For Lash Artists, who must be able to differentiate which lash is the appropriate lash to isolate and extend, depth perception is almost as important as proper lighting and magnification!

Celtic Art Therapy is noted to have a positive impact on those that suffer from ADD, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Autism, and many other conditions. While practicing, the journey of the stylus (I use a beautiful chopstick!), improves hand-eye coordination and tones the symbiotic balance between right and left brain function. It brings the user very quickly to a state of relaxed awareness. Practicing to music of varying tempos, or simply to your breathing rhythm, reversing the direction or even changing between dominant and non-dominant hands strengthens neural connections in your brain, and even helps grow new ones!

Set the intention as you begin to play of “noticing the weave” (the over and under crossings) of the path without disturbing the easy flow or pressure applied. be aware of the intersections and do not allow them to stress or strain the flow. Throughout the endless pattern, identify the shallowness or depth of the various places in the design without judgement.

There is no “right” path or “starting gate’ or “finish line”. Look at the beautiful path and begin wherever you like. Enjoy the feeling as you ride your breath and movement flow. Switch directions or change hands whenever you wonder “if you should”.

Why knot?

It’s all good!


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Crisis Management Begins Long Before a Crisis Ever Happens!

Save Our ShipCrisis Rescue! Know WHAT to do BEFORE you NEED to!

Crisis Management in Lash Extensions?

You bet.

This falls into the many “what if” categories – the “worst case scenarios” – all the things that rarely ever happen to a Lash Artist.

Things like:

  • adhesive getting into the eye or bonding the eyelids together
  • a client experiencing a medium to severe sensitivity reaction or allergic reaction
  • a client being shocked or displeased with the outcome of their appointment

You can continue the list yourself – our deepest, darkest “what ifs” need to be addressed before they ever happen. That degree of preparedness will keep you cool in crisis mode – even if that crisis is as simple as being asked for a refund.

For the real emergencies (and I hope you never witness one), have an action plan in place. Keep that plan ON PREMISES so you can refer to it when you are feeling less than calm. Have an MSDS for adhesives and removers on premises. Read them thoroughly. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. It tells you what to do with specific respect to a certain chemical or compound in the case of fire, spillage, contact with skin or eyes, etc. In our business, as Lash Artists, we may not be required by law to have them on the work premises, but don’t you think that’s a good idea? I do!

I have never (knock wood) had it happen to a client in my chair, but HAVE seen it happen in person – a freak accidental moment when CA got into someone’s eye. It’s alarming. It hurt. It brought on nausea. Yep – that’s one of the things that can happen! The client was immediately instructed not to open her eye. We kept her eye closed and barely parted the eyelids to flush with saline. Her eye was taped closed because her instinct was to open, open, open. I called my receptionist and she was taken immediately to Urgent Care, along with a copy of the MSDS for the adhesive.

Fast forward to today – when I instruct others to always have and know what is on the MSDS for their chemicals. Knowing what to do, and planning for it gives you peace of mind. Click HERE for an MSDS that applies universally to all Cyanoacrylate Eyelash Extension adhesives.

Do you have a precise plan for emergencies? Do you have clear policies about how crisis should be handled? Are your clients absolutely clear about the risks and your salon policies if they should experience a sensitivity reaction? I am continually amazed at how many phone calls I receive (as a product distributor) from licensed beauty professionals who do not know what to do when their client calls reporting an allergic or sensitivity reaction or what to do if their client presents with symptoms of blepharitis. That number should be “zero”, but its not.

If you haven’t learned yet what to do, how to prevent and how to behave in a LashLife crisis, I encourage you to join the Be An AMAZING Lash Artist Project. We focus on more than Lash Design. BAALA Project members gain conceptual expertise that cannot be taught in a one day certification course. Our Continuing Education Project is self paced and completed 100% online. It is only available to licensed beauty professionals who are already working as Professional Lash Artists. Visit today for more information!